Staying Healthly at Work Staying Healthly at Work

Create a Business Case

Creating a business case will ensure that you have the facts and figures established before setting off on your journey of creating a health and wellbeing programme. The term business case can sometimes conjure images of pages and pages of documentation and cause alarm to those tasked with putting it together. Find out what’s needed before you start.

It’s likely that your health and wellbeing business case does not have to be long winded. It just needs to summarise the facts about health and wellbeing and prove to senior management/boards the benefits that are to be gained through this investment. It may be that there is no need to write a formal business case in your organisation, but it’s good to outline your starting point and what you hope to achieve.

An action plan will give you the more in depth detail about your programme; the business case will give you more of a strategic overview.

A good starting place for the creation of your business case is to look at the return on investment on implementing a health and wellbeing programme. The workplace wellbeing tool is a free resource which will help you do this – it will give you estimated costs of poor health in your workforce and compare you with similar organisations.

When writing up your business work around the following areas:


  • why implement a health and wellbeing programme
  • highlight issues (e.g. high sickness absence – use the wellbeing tool to give you figures)
  • focus on being preventative and saving resources in the long run
  • link to organisations goals and ambitions

Benefits to the organisation

  • reducing sickness absence (use the wellbeing tool to help)
  • preventing long term sickness absence
  • creating a more motivated workforce
  • creating a more productive workforce

The options

  • are there alternative options and why is this the best
  • consider the ‘doing nothing’ option here 


  • consider financial and time resources

Internet / Marketing


  • summarise your thoughts
Health and Wellbeing Tool

Health and Wellbeing Tool

Helps employers to calculate the annual cost of employee ill-health, staff turnover and workplace injuries / insurance claims
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Healthy People = Healthy Profits

Healthy People = Healthy Profits

Proactive management of employees' physical and mental health can produce a range of important business benefits including reduction of sickness absence;...
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